Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity, Environment and Sustainable Development

The Disability Unit is the “focal point” for disability issues in Mauritius.

• It provides information, counselling, guidance and referral services.

• It is responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of disability policies, projects and programmes and facilitates the process of integration of persons with disabilities in mainstream society.

• It coordinates matters relating to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

• It organizes activities, seminars and workshops on disability issues.

• It also provides an array of direct services to persons with disabilities.

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:: Communique - Enregistrement des personnes en situation d'handicap

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Francois Sockalingum Award 2017


Contact Detail

1st floor, Renganaden Seeneevassen, Building, Port Louis.
Tel: 2070625/2089913
Fax No: 2089913

Contact Persons:

Mr S.Ramdhayan,Acting Head Disability Empowerment Unit
Mrs S.Hulman, Disability Empowerment Officer/Senior Disability Empowerment Officer
Mr S.Choytun,Disability Empowerment Officer/Senior Disability Empowerment Officer

Online services offered by the Disability Unit
Find a Job Apply for a bus pass/customised wheel chair
Get a scholarship/ Follow a course/training Apply for concessionary airfare/rebate on passport fee
Counseling on Business set up Apply for parking coupon/duty free facilities








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